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Ocean ocean where power lies 

seaweed grows there red and green 


a pearl is growing inside of me 


Hulda Viljhálmsdóttir




When Hulda talks about her abstract paintings, she speaks of the sea and the water. Purification.


High and low tide. The water comes closer, then disappears and something else takes over. When everything floods, Hulda plunges into the water, into the movement.


The brush strokes are thick and immerse the paper in color. They become plants of the sea, crawl on the paper like the seaweed on the beach.

The color flows on the surface and searches for a pathway until the paper concedes and absorbs everything. Black, purple, brown and grey.


All that is left are traces of movement, full of emotion. Varied, blurry, deep and feminine. Only sensitivity can cope with it all. The emotions, the movements, the paintings. What is left.

Then there is the clay. The brush strokes find a different path here. Working with the mass. Water and clay meet there. It floats and it is ambiguous. Sea-green or matte white.


The clay is in strips, like hair. Hair floating in the water. Like algae swinging back and forth, in darkness, under a ton of water. Plants that cannot be picked, or they will vanish.


Dorothée Kirch





Hulda Vilhjálmsdóttir, b. 1971 graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2000. Her work ranges from paintings to drawings to ceramics and deals with the sensitivity and emotion of the human condition. She also writes poetry as part of her practice. Hulda has had numerous solo and group shows in museums and galleries. This is her first solo show at Kling & Bang.  

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